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Introducing liquid Omega-3 + Vitamin D for the whole family. One tasty teaspoon a day.

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About OmegaSea

OmegaSea is a great-tasting, ultra-pure omega-3 that’s available in chocolate and lemon flavours for families and bubblegum bonanza flavour for kids.

With one tasty teaspoon a day, you’ll get a dose of omega-3 and vitamin D that will promote good health, cardiovascular health, brain function, and more.

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Health Benefits

OmegaSea contains omega-3 fatty acids that help support cognitive health and supports brain function.

With EPA & DHA Omega-3 fatty acids, OmegaSea is a factor in supporting and maintaining cardiovascular health.

Formulated with 1,000 IU of vitamin D, OmegaSea assists in bone development and maintenance.

The vitamin D in OmegaSea helps in the absorption and use of calcium.

OmegaSea contains 750mg of potent EPA and DHA omega-3 that benefit and contribute to overall great health.

The vitamin D in OmegaSea helps in the development and maintenance of teeth.

See which formula is right for you.

A bottle of OmegaSea Lemon flavor

Lemony Lemon

A balanced formula of omega-3 in a delicious lemony flavour.

A bottle of OmegaSea chocolate flavor


Good for you. Great in shakes!
Chocolate flavoured omega-3 formulated to taste good in every teaspoon and in smoothies.

A bottle of OmegaSea Kids bubblegum flavor

Bubblegum Bonanza

Specially formulated for kids in a taste they’ll love.

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Quality Guaranteed

PureCheck guarantees that every bottle of OmegaSea is true to its label claims and is of the highest standards in quality and purity.

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